Do your business, make a social impact

The power left in your used IT devices has the power to change lives.

The Situation

Picture running your business without technology. Hard to imagine. But it’s a reality for many in Africa and ICT is crucial for the economic and social development of these countries.

Your companies used IT devices can have a huge impact on the lives of those in developing and emerging markets.

Close the Gap is an international non-profit organisation that sustainably bridges the digital divide by introducing ICT to social projects in developing countries. Since 2010 Close the Gap has been a UN recognized Non-Governmental Organisation.


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Close The Gap in numbers • in 10 years •

400,000 computer assets donated by 340 companies
3,000 projects supported in 54 developing countries
1,500,000 unique users reached weekly
67,000 computers locally recycled at the end of their second life

The Goal

To raise €500,000 through IT donations to bring ICT literacy to 24,000 kids in Africa by 2020. Your used IT devices can help.

Recently upgrade your devices or have some used laptops and smart phones lying around that are still in good working order and don’t want to throw them out? Consider donating them to Close the Gap International.

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Equipment Donation
Close the Gap is your one-stop asset management partner that goes the extra mile. Not only is the process to donate simple (just fill out the form below) but we guarantee that your decommissioned IT devices will be converted into ICT education programs in developing countries.
Project selection
Close the Gap works on a demand-driven basis, supporting socially beneficial projects. Close the Gap selects projects based on several factors: the existence of a local infrastructure allowing the installation of computers (electricity, security, etc.), local capacities (IT knowledge, training opportunities, etc.), the servicing plan and especially the added value the use of IT equipment would bring to the project.
Build 200 IT labs
200 new IT programmes, including IT labs, will be built in schools by 2020 reaching over 20,000 kids.
Distribution, maintenance & training
Close the Gap works with local service partners who prepare the local infrastructure, distribution, installation and maintenance of the labs. These partners also support projects by providing necessary IT training for the teachers and end-users.
For every asset donated, Close the Gap will put €1 towards the collection and recycling of a similar device in Africa today.
Local & international recycling
Close the Gap’s local collection & recycling partners creates green jobs and makes sure reusable material gets spared from landfills in developing countries.
Circular economy
When the fractions are extracted, they can be re-introduced into the production streams to make new IT equipment. Your donation promotes a more circular economy.
Responsible E-waste recycling
  • Starts up new recycling centers
  • Runs awareness campaign
  • Provides green employment opportunities and training
  • Reintroduces valuable material into production

About Close the Gap

Close the Gap was founded in 2003 to help bridge the digital divide in developing countries by giving donated high quality ICT equipment from companies a second life in schools, micro-finance institutes and other social projects in developing and emerging countries.

Many ICT for Development projects don’t have any environmentally friendly recycling solution for equipment when they reached their end-of-life, threatening the sustainability of these projects. Close the Gap felt an ethical obligation to help them find a solution and in 2009 launched WorldLoop. By working with local partners, WorldLoop coaches social entrepreneurs to set up recycling centers so the communities have a safe disposal option for their e-waste.

Other companies who have already supported Close the Gap

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